Implementing cultural change at MUAC

The Director of Maastricht Upper Control Centre, the part of Eurocontrol that manages the upper airspace over Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northwest Germany, decided to strengthen leadership and implement a culture change. Read how he tackled the implementation with the Engagement and Innovation team.

Changing the future at MUAC

The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) manages the upper airspace above Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northwestern Germany. It is one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspace areas. The Director of MUAC decided to bring about a cultural change and define core values that will survive his mandate.

Low cultural satisfaction costs a lot of money

Leaders love numbers. This is only logical – anyone who has to manage a large organisation would rather do so on the basis of hard information than vague gut feelings. The scan we developed offers a unique model to make the normally intangible aspects of an organisation tangible, and offers tools to initiate the desired change.

Culture change in Public Sector requires guts and leadership

Rarely a dull moment in the public sector. From the national government to the municipalities: government organisations are under constant pressure from politicians, the media and many others. They have to do everything, and preferably today rather than tomorrow. The latest demand: culture change. But are public organisations capable of change? An interview with Bert-Jan about the possibilities for successful cultural change within the public sector.

New Leadership

You see the world and your business changing. To continue to respond to this, you want to invest in your leadership, management team and organisation. People Change has developed the Leadership & Team People Change Scan specifically for boards, management boards and senior management teams. The Leadership & Team People Change Scan will get you off to a flying start. Insight with impact at individual and team level.

Leaders in Change

‘Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.’

The saying is so old that nobody is sure who coined it, but for organisations today it is more topical than ever. One thing is certain: constant change is here to stay. How do you lead in change?

Embrace continuous change – 5 tips

As the corona crisis demonstrated in the workplace, fear is a poor counsellor. Our fear makes us cling desperately to what we have. We tell ourselves that change is too difficult. But if the world around us is constantly changing, which is more work? Holding on with all our might, or simply letting go and allowing ourselves to be carried along by the change? To help with that, here are five concrete tips.

High performance mindset helped Belgium’s hockey team win gold

High performance mindset helped Belgium’s hockey team win gold After years of close calls and second-place finishes, Belgium’s national hockey team was determined to finally secure a championship victory. With the help of high performance leadership expert Rogier Offerhaus (a partner at People Change), Belgium managed to build a ‘high performance’ team, and has since,…