Strategic Transforming


Lead your organisation through the crisis

In times of crisis like these, many people fall back on an old value system. They stubbornly cling to traditions, give guidance based on power, fall back on rigid procedures that are not geared to the crisis or only steer on figures – from the deceased, costs or loss of turnover.


Chaos is here to stay

The entire world economy pulls the emergency brake and reacts with a freeze. Most companies respond to corona like Kodak to the design of a digital camera. This is not a strategic transformation, but a reaction that leads to chaos. Everything is locked, waiting for ‘back to normal’. But it’s not going to be the way it used to be. We have to prepare for the new normal. We have to react agile for effective strategic crisis management. Because this is not the last crisis: chaos is here to stay.


How do you operate in this permanent crisis?

How can you use this crisis to anchor change as a permanent force in your organization, based on the resilience of your people? In this chaos, how do you create a future-proof corporate culture that survives, no matter what happens? How can you use this crisis for, for example, the personal and professional development of your people?


The insight of being consciously incompetent

Governor Cuomo of the state of New York acknowledges the need for certainty and figures and gives three key figures every day. But then he admits, “We don’t have a vaccine yet, let alone a cure for corona.”

So he acknowledges that we are still consciously incompetent, prepares people for a different society and appeals to them on their own responsibility in the transformation.

It starts with insight (we don’t have a vaccine yet). This is followed by inspiration with an appealing perspective (different society), implementation of the new way of working (in which everyone has their own responsibility) and, finally, integration into the whole society. Cuomo: “Together we come out stronger”. Rutte calls that the new normal.


The four phases to the new normal

These are the four phases People Change uses to guide an organization in its transformation:


  1. Insight phase: how do you get insight? With the People Change Scan you know where everyone stands, how they are in the competition based on the nine insights.
  2. Inspiration phase: where do you want to go? By having a clear vision and purpose everyone is inspired to create the future together.
  3. Implementation phase: how do you get there? The Scan provides many insights on how you can best change or transform together and everyone can use their strengths.
  4. Integration phase: how do you stay there? What lessons and new insights have we learned about ourselves on which we can build.

Discover how to bring your organization to a people-focused and future-oriented organization with permanent change as the new normal. Lead the transformation. Right now.


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