About us

Who we are

People Change consultants change leadership and transform organizations into sustainably profitable companies. Furthermore we support change professionals with know-how, experience and our People Change scan. Our values are: Entrepreneurial, Excellence, Emotional Intelligence & Development.

Our promise is: Leadership Developed. Business Transformed.

We are leadership and business transformers

We transform organizations in order to enable them to surf the waves of time with exemplary agility. Today and tomorrow. We belief in the power of a human being. The better he functions, the better the performance and the profitability of the organization. If we develop consciousness and talents we all profit.

Who is this human being? This question is our starting point. He is the soul of your organization. He is the change because change is in all of us. Give him space. Transform the change until it’s an integral part of your organization. This is how you build future-proof companies

Change or Transformation?

Change is the adaptation of an organisation because of the changing business cycles or market developments. Change can be temporary.

With transformation the change is an integral part of the (new) consciousness of the organisation, which is the case when a client service orientation is integrated in the way of thinking and feeling of many organisations.

Transformation is irreversible and sustainable. We believe in transformation.
That’s why we call ourselves experts in sustainable change.

Our way of working

With our People Change scan we diagnose the change capabilities of the leadership, the organisation and the employees and formulate the goal of the transformation.

We kickstart the change journey of people, this challenging process of change. Leaders unlock new areas in their thinking and develop a new consciousness and a new vision. Relationships shift. Teams are redesigned. The culture of the organisation changes. Control is replaced by intrinsic motivation, creativity and spirit. We strengthen the cohesion and the collaboration.

Communication and social skills are crucial. We teach and train people to redesign their interaction and listen to each other. We mobilize collective intelligence.

Change demands a lot from all stakeholders. This process consists of impactful intellectual and emotional elements. New values do not offer the same grip. We explain patiently, measure, analyze. We will co-develop solutions for organisational and personal problems and challenges.

Our team

We are a network of experienced leadership and business transformers. We have a track record of consulting and facilitating large organisations on their journey towards change and transformation. The larger the organisation, the more we can offer added value. Complex challenges are our sweet spot. Rogier Offerhaus is founder and contact person of the network.

Dr ing. Rogier Offerhaus MBA

Partner leadership, team and organisational expert. Enthusiastic speaker, strategic advisor, master coach. Got his PhD on culture change in organisations. His passion is to make people and organisations aware of their strengths and strategic potential so that they see changes as opportunities.

Our Books

Written by Dr. ing. Rogier Offerhaus MBA

Leading Organisational Transformation

‘Leading Organisational Transformation’ is a research project to discover the success factors and the stumbling blocks in organisational culture change in professional service organisations. This book is currently only available in Dutch, an English translation will be available soon.

Everyone on the same page

In ‘Everyone on the same page’ we describe how organsations are able to change, innovate and grow with the participation of all employees.This book is only available in Dutch.


The Excellent Sportcoach

In ‘The Excellent Sportcoach’ you can find tools you need as a team and coach to achieve the highest level, with the coach in the role of inspirator and example. This book is only available in Dutch

Inspirational Leadership

The central theme in ‘Inspirational Leadership’ is how people can lead themselves and others to successfully in order to realize their ambitions. This book is only available in Dutch.

Strategic Transformation

In ‘Strategic Transformation, essential insights for organisations in the 21st century’, the four key phases of a successful transformation are outlined: Insight, Inspiration, Implementation and Integration. Read more here or order the book.