New Leadership

You see the world and your business changing. To continue to respond to this, you want to invest in your leadership, management team and organisation. People Change has developed the Leadership & Team People Change Scan specifically for boards, management boards and senior management teams. The Leadership & Team People Change Scan will get you off to a flying start. Insight with impact at individual and team level.


Leaders in Change

‘Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.’

The saying is so old that nobody is sure who coined it, but for organisations today it is more topical than ever. One thing is certain: constant change is here to stay. How do you lead in change?


Embrace continuous change – 5 tips

As the corona crisis demonstrated in the workplace, fear is a poor counsellor. Our fear makes us cling desperately to what we have. We tell ourselves that change is too difficult. But if the world around us is constantly changing, which is more work? Holding on with all our might, or simply letting go and allowing ourselves to be carried along by the change? To help with that, here are five concrete tips.


High performance mindset helped Belgium’s hockey team win gold

High performance mindset helped Belgium’s hockey team win gold After years of close calls and second-place finishes, Belgium’s national hockey team was determined to finally secure a championship victory. With the help of high performance leadership expert Rogier Offerhaus (a partner at People Change), Belgium managed to build a ‘high performance’ team, and has since,…


Working together virtually, the right way

Working together is an art that no one masters as well as we humans. Our ability to cooperate has enabled us to shape the world to our liking. Now that the end of the corona crisis finally seems in sight, the working population in the Netherlands is massively indicating that working from home will remain a part of the job. How do you work together optimally in this new reality?


6 Solution-oriented mindsets for complex challenges

Everything changes and nothing is certain. Those who still doubt this after years of constant disruption learned a wise lesson in 2020. But how do you apply this lesson in practice? – How do you succeed in a world where success can mean something different every day?


Winning in the age of Transformation

Discover and unleash the power of change that already exists in your organisation. Just a few clichés from organisation land: Change is the only constant. Data is the new gold. 70% of transformations fail. Those who don’t transform die out.
Why is the third cliché still true? – why do transformations continue to fail? Especially given the fourth cliché – those who don’t transform die out – isn’t it important for companies to transform successfully? And if they are driven by hard numbers, why do they still fail to achieve their transformation goals?


The power of the mind, part 4

In the previous part of the series, Petra explained how a powerful mind is able to make a vision materialise into reality. In part 4, Petra says: “When people develop personally, the organisation can develop as well, that is what we stand for. Everything I do is connected to this: making people aware of their own thinking processes, so that they see how they create their own world view. Helping them to master their thoughts and focus their energy, so that they become powerful in spirit. And so that they can form their own vision for the future and let it materialise in the world.”


Strategic transformation

Transformation. Many a manager already shudders at the word. Because how often are the objectives of such a transformation actually achieved? They don’t have to think long about the biggest challenge: getting the people on board. But aren’t people the organisation’s most important asset? According to People Change, employees can be an important driving force in any transformation. The new book ‘Strategic Transformation’ explains how.


The power of the mind, part 3

A universe that talks to us. Most people have little patience for such ideas: the only miracles are the miracles of science, and this endlessly successful science is based on an indifferent universe ruled entirely by cause and effect.
But is the idea of synchronicity really so at odds with science? Petra Groot doesn’t think so: “Physicists have known for a long time that everything is connected. Quantum mechanics shows that there are no separate objects at all. Everything consists of energy. When you see this, you begin to understand what is possible with a powerful mind”.

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