People Change Scan for Leadership Development & Change

people change scan

Unique Scan

We are very proud of this unique scan we have developed ourselves. Existing scans did not meet our requirements, they were not able to detect change. Because of our focus on the human factor, more variables were needed. That is why we decided to develop our own scan.

We had a few goals set for our scan. The scan had to:

  • give more and correct insights and be suited for changing and changed organisations
  • be able to be used by both us and the client
  • be fast deployable and measure almost continuously
  • work on every scale, on the individual level and on the scale of entire organisations.

The People Change scan has proven itself for many years in leadership, culture and organisational change trajectories.

What can you use the results for?

The People Change scan measures insights on the areas of organization, leadership and change. It triumphs over other scans on the levels of detail it gives. The People Change scan gives insight in where the individual, team or organization might go.

The scan will tell you which conditions the employees must meet before change can happen, and which skills they already have suited for change. The scan also indicates what behavior they will show when pressure is increased on them.

Organizations, teams and professionals, with the insights of the People Change scan, can immediately form a plan for change. With this plan, they can implement and realize measurable change. The improvements are immediately noticeable, measurable, visible, and cost-efficient.

During the process, the scan will signify which changes are realized.


Measure Leadership & Change

Changing an organization is a gradual process. Improvements are not always immediately visible and can only be noticed when measured. A helpful and important tool with measuring this is the People Change scan. This tool is based on information from online surveys. The surveys have roughly forty questions and take twenty to thirty minutes to fill out.  The filled in information is validated by the most modern scientific insights and our own extensive experience.

The People Change Scan is so sensitive, that the smallest of changes get immediately measured. Those changes could be in the whole organization, but also in small groups and on an individual level. That is exactly what makes the People Change scan so unique. The fast applicability is an important aspect to this.

Get started with the People Change Scan

Employees from an organization can be trained in the use of the scan and interpreting the results. Consultants and coaches who lead change trajectories can learn to deploy the scan for their clients. Learn to apply the scan and develop your skills for the transformation in your organisation. Call us or email for more information.