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Dr Rogier Offerhaus MBA is an expert in Strategy and Leadership. His fields of interest are strategy, leading and accelerating transformational organisational change, and the role of purpose in redefining businesses and their impact on society. He helps organisations create powerful performance-oriented cultures aligned with strategy, and has developed an innovative approach to organizational transformation.

Strategy is what to do, and culture is how to do it. The truth is, if you start any sort of culture program after the rollout of a new strategy, it looks like a mere afterthought. Ideally, strategy and culture should be created and implemented simultaneously.

Leaders in today’s world are faced with massive changes that are disrupting organisations’ business models and society more generally, such as digitalization, the COVID-19 pandemic, and pressures to decarbonize and meet new ESG standards. They therefore have to find ways to manage uncertainty, while simultaneously leading transformations.

Leaders in today’s society need to constantly learn, unlearn, and relearn. They know that they have to learn. The challenge is how to unlearn and relearn. In working with leaders, my aim is to facilitate that process.

He believes the best approach is to create psychological safety by fostering an experimental mindset and empowering others, so that the value of team diversity is captured, and responsibility is shared.

Leaders need to constantly “unlearn” old ways of doing things and “relearn” new behaviors in order to adapt to the perpetual change and disruption of today’s world, but at the same time they should also identify previous approaches that remain relevant, to ensure that they do not “throw out the leadership baby with the organizational bathwater” as they manage the transformation of their organizations.

He successfully obtained his doctorate on this approach to profitable change from Tilburg University in 2012 with the thesis: “In search of  culture change: What success and failure factors played a role in organisational culture change?”

Strategy for Digital & Sustainable Transformation

Rogier initiates, guides and completes a concrete, insightful, profitable and, above all, integral change process that ultimately guarantees a grip on your own organisation: customers, strategy, structure, culture and leadership. Step by step, Rogier guides your organisation and enables it to maintain and manage the renewed strategy, organisational structure and culture itself. He knows how to develop a new strategy and how to guide and change leaders, teams, professionals and organisations. Together with you and your people, he creates the right strategy, structure and culture and achieves the following results with clients:

  • High customer satisfaction.
  • Organisation achieves strategic objectives.
  • People take responsibility.
  • Less overhead, shorter lead time.
  • Focus from cost control to growth management.
  • Happy and positive employees at business services to government.

Strategic Transformation Book

Strategic Transformation, essential insights for organisations in the 21st century‘ outlines the four key stages of successful transformation: Insight, Inspiration, Implementation and Integration. Read more or order the book here.

Strategic Process for Successful Transformation

Gaining insight.

Where are we and where do we want to go? The baseline measurement with the People Change scan serves as a starting point for the change operation.  All stakeholders from high to low complete the questionnaire. Results are fed back personally.

The People Change scan provides a razor-sharp analysis of people and the organisation. Insights are gained in the areas of Leadership and values, Organisational structure and culture and Change capacity.

Inspiration for the right direction.

Together, we create a vision of the new organisation, set goals and elaborate a change plan, including customer and business analysis, core values, behavioural characteristics, key success factors, changeability, business case, etc. We develop a strategy to implement this change plan.

Implementation and results.

We nest the new leadership, collaboration, cultural values and behaviour in the organisation. To do so, we use a number of interventions:

  • Leadership program
  • Group sessions
  • Guidance for the management team
  • Individual coaching and training
  • Guidance on sub-projects.

In addition, we hold regular GROW case discussions, individual coaching sessions and possibly short intensive group training sessions.


Making sure it works and keeps working. Once the new organisation and culture of collaboration is implemented and our work is done, we can:

  • Continue to be a sparring partner on collaboration, communication and behaviour.
  • Continue to guide management team, culture and project organisations.
  • Provide support in integrating new employees
  • Continue organisational, culture and leadership development.
  • Supervise subprojects in the area of collaboration. Among participants, this approach generates high satisfaction.
  • Set up “Train the trainer” programme in which participants are trained to become successful GROW case coaches.

Strategic Projects

Rogier guides Supervisory Directors, Board Members, Directors, Executives in organisational, team and leadership transformation to achieve the desired strategic results with the right insights.

Rogier has experience with many different markets and industries. The focus is always on the service aspect of the organisation and, in particular, the customer focus of the people who make the difference in service delivery.

He stands out from other consultancy organisations because he knows how to bring together the soft side of culture and the hard side of results. He does this by involving Line Management, HRM and Communication, among others, in the strategy process at an early stage.

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