Culture change in Public Sector requires guts and leadership

Rarely a dull moment in the public sector. From the national government to the municipalities: government organisations are under constant pressure from politicians, the media and many others. They have to do everything, and preferably today rather than tomorrow. The latest demand: culture change. But are public organisations capable of change? An interview with Bert-Jan about the possibilities for successful cultural change within the public sector.

Letting go: the power of vulnerability

Losing control. For most managers it sounds like a nightmare. Whoever is at the helm wants to be able to determine the exact course of the ship. Wants to radiate power to the crew. But what if control is an illusion, and the greatest power lies precisely in showing vulnerability? An interview with André Moquette.

The magic of curiosity

Peggy Laurs, senior director at a large transport company, was tasked with paving the way for a difficult department. She noticed that more was needed than getting the basics right: to transform the department, she had to start with herself. With the help of People Change, she got to know herself better and how important it is to really get to know others.

Daan Noordeloos

How do you make 1700 people customer-focussed?

In order to change the entire organisation, I first had to know where the organisation was at that moment. If you want to go to Rome, it makes a difference whether you are leaving Moscow or Amsterdam.  
With the People Change Scan we determined where everyone in the organization was, whether the people were able to execute the plans and whether it was within their natural talents and abilities to do what we asked of them. How can we organize the change so that people can follow the process and stay tuned in?